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Welcome to Hiroaki Katsuragi's web page. We are studying experimental soft matter physics relating to earth and planetary phenomena. In particular, granular physics is mainly studied by various experiments. Join us if you are interested in.

Prof. : Hiroaki Katsuragi
Contact : katsuragi [at]

Soft Matter Earth & Planetary Science

What's New

  • 2023/04/12
  • 7 new students have joined!
  • 2022/11/21
  • From the IIT Kanpur, Mr.Kokkonda Vikas stays for about two months!
  • 2022/08/20
  • Best Presentation Award was given to Mr. Zhang, a second-year master's student, at "Multiphase Flow Symposium 2022".
  • 2022/04/04
  • 5 new students have joined!
  • 2022/03/26
  • From the Mount Holyoke university, Ms.Kerstin Nordstorm stays for about a month!

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Katsuragi Laboratory is managed by four faculties.
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